Strategic Objectives:

Efficient and transparent delivery of Arts, Culture and Tourism Services through:

Goal 1: The promotion of participation in and development of arts and culture.

Strategic Objectives:

  • Create awareness of different art forms on the province
    Provide a platform for the development of artistic skills for self-sustainability
  • Provision of training and facilities for moral development through cultural participation initiatives which include youth, women and physically challenged
  • Provision of access to cultural infrastructure
  • Facilitate access to all artistic and cultural programmes for the physically challenged
  • Using arts and culture to address the social and health threats brought about by HIV/AIDS and other social ills, incorporating programmes for HDI’s

Goal 2: The promotion of tourism and provision of support to public entities.

Strategic Objectives:

  • Provide support to the public entities, ensure compliance and play oversight role.
  • Ensure development and implementation of Provincial Tourism policy.
  • Ensure integrated multi-sectoral participation on the tourism industry.
  • Ensure availability of diverse tourism opportunities to promote the province as a tourism destination, locally, nationally, continentally and internationally.

Goal 3: The promotion of multi-lingualism and development of history marginalized languages

  • Develop, implement and maintain a language policy in the province
  • Coordinate terminology development
  • Provide translation, editing and interpretation services
  • Facilitate literacy development
  • Provide administrative support to strategic language bodies

Goal 4: The provision of public library and information services, resources and support to municipalities and the promotion of library development and usage.

Strategic Objective:

  • Improve public library access in all communities by building, upgrading, equipment and automating public libraries.
  • Develop and sustain a reading culture by acquiring and processing appropriate library material in all forms.
  • Ensure the equitable provision of access to information by all communities.
  • Improve service delivery through promotion, training and professional support.

Goal 5: The promotion, management and preservation of public records;

Strategic Objectives:

  • To provide archival service and promote the use of, and enable access to archives.
  • To ensure proper management and care of records on government bodies.
  • Development upgrading and maintenance of facilities and other infrastructure to increase access.
  • To improve and promote the provision and access to information
  • To acquire and preserve public records.

The above strategic goals and objectives will assist the Department to attain the following broad outcomes:

  • Community empowerment;
  • Developed human capacities;
  • Efficient administrative systems;
  • Satisfied client base;
  • Self-sustainability and enriched quality of life and;
  • Good governance through efficiency, transparency and accountability.