Understanding Archives & Records Services

The KwaZulu-Natal archives and records management unit is responsible for preservation and proper management of electronic and other records in the custody of governmental bodies in the province. The aim is to promote records accessibility to the state and the public. The component through Oral History wing is also responsible for collection and recording of previously neglected nation’s history and experiences. The unit among other goals is also to promote awareness of archives and records management.


Through repositories, past documentary heritage are housed in the KwaZulu-Natal Archives and Records service. Official records of KwaZulu-Natal dating back to colonial regime are
kept here. These records include:-

  • Archives of local magistrates,
  • Local authorities and provincial government.

The province has three repositories situated in
Pietermaritzburg, Ulundi and Durban

Records Management

Records management is responsible for the following:-

  • Design, approval and implementation of records classification systems.
  • Organise training in the form of records and registry. management courses (How to care for loose documents, how to care for photographs, photographic negatives and film)
  • Appraisal and disposal of records
  • Inspection of records management practices at offices of governmental bodies.


Records management offices are situated in Pietermaritzburg, Durban, Ulundi and Ladysmith.