The Art Of Freedom


Khethukuthula Lembethe


The African nation always finds a reason to belt out a tune or even dance, whether they are in high spirits, fuming, dissatisfied or even heartbroken. Arts and culture bring people together, playing a central role in nation-building as well as in developing a new national identity reflective of our country’s democracy.  It is for this reason that a love for the arts and respect for our various cultures can be attributed to having played a role in bringing freedom to this land.


This is still the case 20 years later; the arts are still used as a weapon to speak out and tackle issues still facing KwaZulu-Natal and South Africa as a whole such as unemployment, teenage pregnancy, the spread of HIV/AIDS and many other social ills.


The Department of Arts and Culture in KwaZulu-Natal prides itself in creating a platform for young people to have their voices heard. It also doubles as the province’s history keeper/teacher, promoting multiculturalism, multilingualism and the development of the arts and culture sector in the province.


Even though the Department is working tirelessly achieve this by implementing numerous Social Cohesion Programmes, it is also important that more investment be directed towards this sector to ensure constant growth for our local artists.


South Africa’s freedom embraces our diverse backgrounds; from the national flag and anthem, to our distinguished cultural attires and festivals – these aspects bring our nation together and should always be celebrated.