South Africa has entered the second phase of democratic transition. This phase calls upon us to move with a lightning speed to put the economy of the country on a different path so as to eradicate poverty, unemployment and inequality. Apart from playing a crucial role in nation-building and reconciliation, arts and culture has the potential to make a significant contribution to economic development and job creation.

As the country celebrates 20 years of freedom, it is important to indicate that great strides have been made since 1994 to change the lives of the people of South Africa for the better. Studies conducted by government (Twenty Year review) and independent institutions, clearly indicate that South Africa is a much better place to live in than it was in 1994. Despite the huge progress the country has made, challenges are still massive. It is precisely for this reason that government has developed the National Development Plan (NDP) which provides a blueprint of what needs to be done to address these challenges. This plan is unique in a sense that the majority of the South African population has embraced it as the only roadmap for development until 2030. It also directs us to do things differently so as to achieve socio-economic transformation. In line with the aspirations of the NDP and the Provincial Growth and Development Plan, the Department’s Annual Performance Plan (APP) provides a concrete plan to radically transform the arts and culture sector in the province.

1.    Strategic Plans:

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1.2  View: KZNDAC Strategic Plan-2015-2020 Final

2.   Annual Performance Plans:

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3.   Annual Reports:

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