Cultural Affairs focuses  on:

• Promoting multi-culturalism towards  the realization of social cohesion;
• Establishing a framework for the integration of arts and culture, including  language preservation, in human settlements;
• Strengthening and establishing partnerships for the development  of arts and culture sector in the province;
• Rationalizing and disbursement  of grants by Arts  & Culture  Council  to align with the  revised strategy ;
• Developing  a framework  for an equitable  distribution  of physical resources , particularly  the art  centres and improving  the management therefore;
• Strengthening the Department ‘s interventions and contributing towards  the moral Regeneration Movement in the Province and
• Facilitating the establishment of the geographical names committee.
• To promote multilingualism and
• Develop the previous historically disadvantaged languages.

The Chief Directorate comprises of :

  • Arts Development – uBuciko
  • Culture Development – amaSiko
  • Language Services – uPhiko Lwemisebenzi Yezilimi

Cultural Affairs services are also offered through our Regional Offices:

  • Northern Region (Zululand, Umkhanyakude and uThungulu district)
  • Eastern Region (eThekwini and ILembe district)
  • Western Region (uKhahlamba, UMzinyathi and Amajuba district)
  • Southern Region (Umgungundlovu, Sisonke and Ugu district)

Head Office Directorates are responsible for Policy-making while the Regions are responsible for Policy-implementing.

  • Manage the protection, development and promotion of arts
  • Ensure multi-culturalism/ cultural diversity is upheld through the advancement of all cultures
  • Manage the development of languages

Each of these Directorates have Programmes and Projects which are focused at addressing Provincial priorities particularly those that are within our core line function, such as:

  • Strengthen governance & service delivery;
  • Integrated investment in community infrastructure;
  • Promote sustainable economic development & job creation;
  • Develop human capacity;
  • Implement a Provincial response to HIV/AIDS;
  • Fight poverty and protect vulnerable groups in society